New Year, New Me: A hot mess’ guide to getting it together

I feel like there are a lot of controversy surrounding New Years resolutions. I’ve heard many a pretentious asshole go on about how time is just a social convention and the mere notion that the earth has completed a full rotation around the sun holds no true power to change your life. And while I sometimes wish I could be as cool as these black coffee-drinking non-conformists, I must admit that I will have to kindly ask them to screw off.

Because the fact of the matter is I am as basic as they come, and I enjoy making New Years resolutions just as much as I like guac with my Chipotle burrito bowl and spending an embarrassing amount of time editing my Instagram photos. And even though there is a chance I will give on my goals come February I would like to pretend that this year is going to be different.

So without further ado… here are 6 things I would like to accomplish in 2016:

1.Become Internet Famous

Okay I’m kinda over exaggerating this one, but what I really mean is to take control of my social media. If you don’t know what that vague statement means it’s totally cool, I don’t really know either. I just feel that it is important to know how to use social media effectively to help with networking, branding, and other businessy type words that I don’t know the meaning of.

As a self-proclaimed grandma, I have pretty much zero social media presence. I don’t have a snapchat, I haven’t tweeted in months, and I am still unclear on how to pronounce GIF. My plan for this year is to work on these skills so when people Google my name they will say, “Wow, that Rebecca is so cool. I would really like her as my friend/employee/supreme leader.”

To go along with this resolution I am creating this blog in hopes of: a. sharing my life experiences through potentially funny posts so I can look back on and see how much I’ve grown and matured as a human being, and b. to become a Glendon eAmbassador.

One of my biggest accomplishments in 2015 was joining the Glendon Campus Ambassador team. I love giving tours and talking to people one on one, but I often wish to have a place to refer the potential Glendonites if they need more info. As an eAmbassador I would have a central hub to answer questions, share my (limited) insight, and connect with so many more people.

Note: I will not, however, under any circumstances create a Vine. They are annoying and repetitive and if I hear “What are those?” one more time I will scream.

2.Get back in the habit of reading before bed

I won’t lie, I know nothing about science but I do know that using your electronics before bed screws up your sleep somehow (because of melatonin or something…). I’m a girl who loves her sleep so anyway that I can get to those zzz more effectively I am willing to try. I also love books but I never read because I am addicted to the Internet. I feel like this resolution is a more realistic way to read more books than to say, “I’m gonna read every book Indigo has to offer” (real resolution from Rebecca circa 2008).

3.Find some kind of performance outlet outside of class

As a Drama Studies major I am always looking for ways to “improve my craft” (just kidding I don’t talk like that). I love my performance classes but sometimes I feel like I need more in order to feed my attention hog acting bug. Whether it’s a club at school, community theatre, or acting workshops, I want to find something so I can continue to grow as a performer (okay I sometimes talk like that…)

4. Get my G2

Seriously Rebecca, you need to get your shit together, it’s getting embarrassing.

5. Amélioré mon français

Ah, regarde je suis bilingue ! Chaque année, je dis que je vais faire quelque chose pour mon français, mais ce n’est jamais fait. Maintenant que je suis à Glendon il y a plusieurs possibilités d’utiliser la langue et je vais me pousser à les en profiter.

6. Be an artsy Torontonian

I love Toronto and I am so happy to live in a city where there is so much going on. I feel like sometimes I get stuck in my little bubble of activities. This year I want to experience the city more: see more shows, go to art galleries, eat in cool restaurants, etc, etc. Basically I want to leave my room for more reasons than just paying the pizza deliveryman.


So there you have it. 6 things that I want to accomplish in 2016. A few that didn’t make the list include: doing my laundry before running out of underwear, eating healthy and going to the gym once then crying because I still can’t fit in my old jeans, avoid having a mental breakdowns in the line at McDonalds, texting my friends every once and a while so they know I haven’t died, figure out how taxes work, start a new dance craze, and star in my own reality TV show.

For those of you who still believe that New Years resolutions are a colossal waste of time that’s fine. There is a chance that I will soon give up on each an every goal on that list, but even if I do, I’m gonna know that I tried.

À la prochain,



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