Be Mine? : A Single Girl’s Opinion on All Things Love

Soooo… it has been over a month since my last post…oops. But hey I was busy doing important student-y things (i.e. eating an entire pizza by myself and crying over midterms). It’s alright though because I am back and more ready than ever to talk about this uber important super controversial topic: Valentine’s Day.

Now let me give you a little background into my love life. I am currently single as I desperately try to get over my last relationship. It was a young love (we were 5) and we would spend our recesses in the sand box playing house. Although it was a short lived relationship (I broke up with him the next week because he “accidentally” stepped on my sand castle) the good memories live on and I worry that I will never find that same kind of carefree happiness I had with David… or maybe his name was Daniel… I know it started with a D. Either way I have been absolutely positively single ever since.

And when I say single, I mean SINGLE. Not only have I never had a boyfriend but also not a single one of my friends come with benefits, I’ve never had an ongoing text conversation with any straight male who didn’t refer to me as “bro”, and I have definitely never had a “thing” with a guy (I still have no clue what having a “thing” entails). Now you would imagine someone in my situation would be leading the army of cat ladies (and cat men) to come and destroy the lovey-dovey perfect couples on Valentines Day by reminding them that it is just a “Hallmark Holiday” and “real love” should be celebrated “all the time” (I’m really into “quotation marks” right now). However that is just not the case.

You see I actually LOVE Valentines Day. I don’t care if it’s cheesy, or materialistic, or the very thing that is single-handedly dragging our consumerist society down into a dystopia very similar to that seen in Brave New World, it’s just so pink and sparkly!!! Lets face it, if you like cheesy rom-coms, chocolate anything, and heart printed everything, the first fourteen days of February arguably better than Christmas*. And, to be completely honest, out of all days that I feel sad and lonely that I don’t have a “significant other”; Valentines Day is just not one them. And that’s because, and what I am going to say now is very controversial, I think Valentine’s Day is better when you are single.

Hear me out now, I understand I’ve never had an actual Valentine so I can’t really compare, but from what I’ve heard from my “taken” friends (also from some of my “its complicated” friends) celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple is stressful! There are all these expectations; you have to book reservations at over priced an restaurant weeks in advance, buy a present, spend a whole week contemplating that present and debating whether or not you spent too much/not enough money, returning that present to buy something worse/better, regret that choice, go back to the mall in hopes to find your original present, realize it is sold out, start crying, pull yourself together, and finally settle on a gift card. And on top of all this you need to take a cute Instragram but make sure the caption shows how quirky the two of you are. That just seems like too much work for me.

When you are single, people are impressed if you brushed your hair on Valentine’s Day so you can do whatever the hell you want! Last year my friends and I got together and made heart shaped pizza and other Pintrest-y stuff that even Martha Stewart would approve of. Then we watched that Notebook and had a lengthy discussion about how we should put Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling faces on our money (they are some of the best Canada has to offer). It was so fun and I didn’t once think about my ever-present single-tude.

So whatever your plans are for this Valentine’s Day, whether you are gonna be alone, with friends, with your lover, with your dog, or with some stranger you met on Tinder, I hope you have a great day. And if you don’t just remember that all the candy goes on sale the 15th.

Je t’aime



*Note: If you do not like these things then the rest of this post may not refer to you, but you still shouldn’t be sad on Valentines Day because the next fake holiday is St Patrick’s Day and we all like leprechauns.


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