I Finished First Year and all I got was this Lousy Blog Post

Exam season has come and gone and I spent the first two weeks of my precious summer doing absolutely nothing besides binge watching The Office and cleaning my room (I sure know how to live it up).

I am currently back at Glendon taking a few summer courses which means I have technically started my second year of University.


Holy Sh*t


I know it is very cliché to say, “OMG, this year has gone by so fast!” but OMG, this year has gone by so fast! (side note: is it still cool to use OMG?). It is crazy to believe that only a few short months ago I was a bright-eyed Froshie who was equally filled with hope and riddled with anxieties.

It is no surprise that the transition into University is difficult, and I am the first to admit that I handled said transition with the same grace and elegance as ice-skating Bambi. While this year has probably been the hardest year of my life (so far) I have learned enough to write several hundred blog posts, but I’ve decided to narrow it down to 10 key nuggets of wisdom.

Here (in no particular order) is what I learned in First Year:

1. The Glendon Bubble is real

Don’t get me wrong; I love Glendon’s small size for so many reasons but I start to feel a little cabin feverish when my idea of spicing up my routine means studying in Lunik instead of Frost. Living on residence definitely didn’t help the bubble situation but even my commuter friends tell me they feel the hamster ball vibes, especially when they are stuck with long breaks between classes. While Glendon is slightly hidden away (among the rich and famous of the Bridle Path) it is important to remember we are still in Toronto so please get out there. (P.S Some of my favourite off campus hot spots include Uncle Betty’s, Absolute Comedy, and Bobbette and Belle)

2. You can stay in touch with your High School friends even if they live miles away and you don’t talk every day

3.You can drift away from your High School friends even if they go to school in the city and live only 20 minutes away

4. Excellent time management skills will be your golden ticket for academic success

I plan to do a whole blog post on this so I won’t go into to much detail but I have to say, as someone who wasn’t the most on top of her schoolwork in High School, my week at Jump Start really scared me straight. Today, not only am I a self-proclaimed Agenda junkie and to-do list connoisseur, but also a proud member of the Dean’s Honour Roll.

5. Going to the gym is not an excuse for eating crap

 6.The term “fun” is subjective

Everyone’s idea of what makes a great night out is different. While it is important to keep an open mind and try new things, don’t waste your time doing something that you don’t enjoy just because you think it is the “cool” thing to do (duh).

7. Go to class

You’ve paid for all your lectures, might as well show up. Also it’s the sure fire way to make sure you know what’s going on.

8.You need to put detergent in the laundry machine if you want your clothes to be clean

 9. It is okay to be alone

While I wish that you all find your perfect group of friends on the first day of school, this is very improbable. I did make a couple of good friends, however I spent most first year making a ton of valuable acquaintances. Without the comfort of a sitcom-esque friend group, I was left feeling somewhat lonely. While this sucked, I gained more independence, resilience, and self-love than ever before.

10. It is not lame to need/want to hang out with your parents

My mom is my best friend.


There is a ton more that I have yet to share but I figure that enough life lesson learning for today. Overall first year was a roller coaster filled with tears, late night adventures, stress induced acne, perspective altering lectures, and so much more. I’m looking forward to see where these next few years take me. I’m coming to terms with the fact that adulting isn’t easy, but at least its fun.

À la prochaine,



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