Falling into Traps: 5 Bad Habits I Plan to Break Before the Halloween Candy Goes on Sale

Ah October, the month of black booties, pumpkin spice, and Wizards of Waverly Place reruns.

This October I will be doing three things:

  1. Watching copious amounts of extremely complicated DIY Halloween costume tutorials only to settle on being a cat (again)
  2. Spending a stupid amount of time trying to find a bootleg version of Twitches Too (particularly the second one, it is better)
  3. Desperately trying to break all my bad habits before midterms

Although it has only been one month of school, I already find myself falling back into my old ways. Gone is the girl who was committed to re-reading her notes three times a week, eating only salads, and keeping her school bag clean. I can feel myself falling down the slippery slope that will eventually lead to public breakdowns and emotional binge eating.

Luckily, however, I am (somewhat) learning how detect these signs and I can (hopefully) catch myself before I go into full-on crazy mode.

So here are 5 Bad Habits I Plan to Break Before the Halloween Candy Goes on Sale:


  1. Eating weird things at weird times

One thing that I pride myself in is my sleeping schedule. No matter how stressed or overworked I am, I always manage to get at least a good seven hours of sleep a night (I mostly accredit this to the fact that I am a princess and will cut a bitch if I don’t get my beauty sleep).

My eating schedule however is not as solid. I know what I should be eating: three healthy well balanced meals a day plus multiple well portioned healthy snacks (a.k.a. boring food) but that isn’t always what happens. Currently, my meal plan begins when I wake up: drink tea, eat a few almonds, then eating nothing all day until 9pm. At that point I eat a much as I can as quickly as possible until I feel gross and blotted (please note that I am not doing this for any particular reason, I just get distracted throughout the day and forget to eat sometimes).

Even when I follow a somewhat normal eating schedule, I am easily swayed by stress cravings. One day last year for example, I was particularly proud of myself for eating like an Instagram fitness & lifestyle model, but I had a test to study for. I ended up waking myself up at 1am and eating an entire bag of Cheeze-Its; it wasn’t cute.

I realize that none of this is healthy but I’m admitting here on the internet in hopes that I can improve.


  1. Not checking the weather before I get dressed

(Okay I get this one is kinda stupid but it has affected my life so… yeah)

When I lived at home my wonderful mother would wake me up in morning with a cup of tea and a full weather report. “It’s gonna be cold and rainy” she’d say “so make sure you wear a jacket and rainboots”. Now I was half asleep when she would say this but somehow through osmosis (I’m not a science student and I don’t really know what that word means but I thought it sounded cool so I used it) I would wake up and know exactly what to wear. Now that I am living in res I do not have this personalized Weather Network, which means (among other things) I never know when it is an appropriate time to wear rainboots.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Rebecca, are you an idiot? Finding out the weather in the morning is the absolute easiest thing in the world. Go online, check your phone, stick your head out the frigging window”. And while I must admit, slightly rude stranger, that you are 100% right, I still refuse to do any of these things. Instead I just guess what I should wear based on zero reasoning whatsoever.

This may not seem like a big deal to most people but this bad habit has left me in the following situations:

  • Freezing on a cold day that I thought was gonna be hot
  • Boiling on a hot day that I thought was gonna be cold
  • Very wet on a day that I did not expect the rain (Also the day where I curled my hair)

Because of this issue, I plan to dedicate more time in the morning scrolling through my phone before I get up (it’s a small price to pay).


  1. Saying no to things I want to do out of fear

This was something that I was unfortunately skilled at last year and I that am continuing to work on changing. I’ve said no to so many opportunities because I was afraid of failing, or not knowing anybody, or looking stupid, or getting overwhelmed etc, etc.

I am starting to realize that is a colossal waste of time, considering the fact that I only have a finite number of years as student where I can be completely selfish without worrying about a full-time job, or a family, or other scary adult things.

I am really trying to push myself this year to take risks and commit to doing whatever the hell I want (within reason, I am still a law abiding citizen who is very much afraid of letting her parents down).


  1. Procrastinating

Okay so this one’s a classic that I’m pretty sure I will never get over completely (I literally took a break after writing this sentence to check Snapchat). It is extremely hard focus on getting shit done when the shit you have to do is boring/hard/scary/time consuming.

Although I don’t think I will ever stop checking my phone while writing essays (especially since now my job technically includes tweeting so I consider every study break I give myself to be “work time”), I am trying to cut down on my “productive” procrastination.

What is “productive” procrastination you may ask?

“Productive” procrastination occurs anytime you do a task that seems to be productive only to make yourself feel better about the fact that you are avoiding your real responsibilities (a.k.a my secret super power).

Some examples of “productive” procrastination that I am way too familiar with include:

  • Washing dishes that are already clean
  • Remaking my bed
  • Refolding laundry
  • Making excessive to-do lists
  • Colour coding said to-do lists
  • Rewriting notes that I’ve already memorized
  • Going through my emails and deleting all the old ones
  • Organizing the apps on my phone into folders

Now don’t get me wrong, when these chores actually need to get done they are important, but when I start doing things just to avoid my other more pressing responsibilities that’s when the trouble starts.

The biggest issue with these “productive” procrastination tasks is that they make you feel as if you’ve actually accomplished something, when in fact you’ve just been wasting time.

It’s all about priorities my friends. I’m gonna spend the next month trying to figure what mine are.


  1. Actively looking for the negative (and not doing anything about it)

Another classic bad habit of First Year Me that I already feel myself falling back into.

I really do try to remain a happy and positive person but if something doesn’t go exactly as planned or if I’m feeling particularly anxious I will immediately fixate on all the negatives of the situation.

I can harp about all the bad things going on in my life for hours on end, blaming others and myself for all the “injustices” (those quotations indicate complete and total sarcasm) I face. My mother, who very graciously listens to me rant about this bullshit every night, will sometimes ask me “Well what are you gonna do about it?”

This question annoys me tremendously because most of the time I don’t want to do anything except whine about a situation because actively trying to change what’s going on is scary and hard.

However my annoying mother makes a wonderful point. The fact of the matter is: in life you can either change your situation, or deal with it. And if you’ve decided to do nothing and deal with it, well then you really can’t complain about what’s going on (she says as she writes a blog post that was originally named A list of Rebecca’s flaws with lots of complaining and no solutions)

I’m trying to be all good vibes this fall and look for the positives in the life (like the fact that I can walk around on fallen leaves and they make that fun crunchy noise) because fixating on the bad can lead to you spiraling down a never ending tunnel of no good.


October is like the February of the school year; this is the month where those goals you set on Labor Day (when you were blinded by your fancy new planner and forgot how draining readings can be) are really tested. It is so easy to fall back into comfortable bad habits when the work starts piling up but hopefully writing this post will keep me accountable and focused on what I’ve set out to achieve (I don’t really know what this is yet which is why I used a broad mysterious ending – but that’s a story for another time).

What bad habit are you planning on breaking this month? 

À la prochaine,


Twitter: @RebeccaKGL

Instagram: @RebeccaKazdan


3 thoughts on “Falling into Traps: 5 Bad Habits I Plan to Break Before the Halloween Candy Goes on Sale

  1. Try the Sunshine app for the weather situation! I live in a basement flat and am a total hermit but it tracks how you feel at certain temperatures and adjusts accordingly – and it sends you a notification every morning at the time of your choice with how you’ll feel/what to wear. It’s helping me a lot these days 🙂


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