An Open Letter to Anyone Attending the Fall Open House

Hey there potential Glendonite!

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time and checking out my blog. Be sure to come back here every week for sensation advice and A+ humour from this stunningly beautiful University student who clearly has her life together (the more you read my blog the funnier this statement becomes.) Like, comment, share this post to all your friends (please, my views are going down and I need some spike in popularity if I’m ever going to land a TLC reality show entitled My Super Successful and Fabulous Blogging Life.)

I wanted to congratulate you for RSVPing to the hottest party of the year: Glendon’s Fall Open House (don’t worry, there is still time to reserve your spot right here)

In a few short days you will have the absolute pleasure of hanging out with me, the rest of Team Awesome, and a bunch of other amazing current Glendon students as we desperately try to fool you into thinking we’re cool (or maybe that’s just me.)

Now, if you are anything like me you are probably a little bit anxious to start touring schools because the idea of making such a huge life decision is slightly terrifying (although I’m sure you will feel much more at ease after taking my advice and preparing relevant questions.) It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed but you should also be so excited because there is a good chance that this weekend will (pause for dramatic effect) change your life.

Now I know this sounds a little over top. It might be hard to believe that a day filled with campus tours, academic information sessions, and free hot chocolate will completely alter your opinions on post-secondary education. But let’s take a trip down memory lane to get a better idea of what I mean…

It was November 2014 and I arrived at Glendon as a bright-eyed 17-year-old with brown knee-high boots and a can-do attitude. I was slightly embarrassed due to the fact that my entire family came with me to tour the campus. I mean how was I supposed to act like an adult when my over-protective father and 14-year-old brother were off in the corner acting-out WWE fights?

But I decided that none of this mattered because I had basically written off Glendon entirely.

Before the Open House the only thing I knew about Glendon was that it offered French classes and had some Manor that everyone lost their shit over. I decided to apply because I needed a fall back option and the idea of continuing French didn’t repulse me. But I figured Glendon was basically out of the question because I was determined to go huge school and major in a very specific program (let me just reiterate the fact that I am currently enrolled in broad based liberal arts program at a campus of only 2800 students – it’s totally cool to change your mind.) I figured I would attend Fall Campus Day because it would make my mom happy and it would give me something to do that weekend.

That morning, my family and I hopped in the car and began making our way to Bayview and Lawrence. After missing the off-ramp a few too many times than my father cares to admit we finally made it through iron gates and into the Glendon Campus.

Immediately, I, like most people, was taken away by the campus’ beauty. As we made our way down the winding road to the lower parking lot I was overcome by the amount of trees bursting in bright reds and yellows and oranges. “Pull yourself together,” I thought to myself, refusing to fall for Mother Nature’s tricks, “you cannot pick a school solely based on pretty trees and flowers.”

I tried to keep up my skepticism in tact as a group of friendly Francophone students offered me hot chocolate and pointed me in the right direction. Throughout my tour, I wanted to stay indifferent to this little hidden school in the city but little by little I started to find more and more elements that I enjoyed including (but not limited to) the following:

Despite all my efforts, I began to actually see myself as a Glendon student, which led to great confusion on my part as seen in this picture here:


Later that night, my mom asked me what I thought of Glendon and I remember answering something along the lines of: “I thought I was going to hate it… but I didn’t.” And that folks, is all it took.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was not 100% hooked right away, and in fact I still had a ridiculous amount of trouble deciding what program to choose when it came to the June deadline; but at the end of the day it was my Fall Open House experience that made me bite the bullet and commit to Glendon.

Now that whole long cheesy story was just a way to remind you that I am so looking forward to meeting each and every one of you this Sunday. I will be there handing out blue Glendon lollipops, hoping to answer you questions and change your lives!

À dimanche!


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Instagram: @RebeccaKazdan

Snapchat: @becca_kaz


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