Confessions of a Glendon Drama Queen: #ExploreGL

This month Team Awesome and I are taking on two blogging challenges so I figured I would make this post a two parter (because who doesn’t love a series.) This week I will be sharing my favourite spot on campus with #ExploreGL and next time I will be sharing how this place has influenced my learning with #WhyareYUhere. Stay Tuned!

Hi I’m Rebecca and I am a theatre nerd.

I own a Shakespeare mug, tea towel, and shot glass (perhaps a bit overkill but Shakespeare is well…Shakespeare after all!) My idea of an ideal Saturday night includes heading down to the Distillery District or Berkeley Street to see a show, and all my playlists unapologetically include at least one show tune (also I listened to Hamilton before it was cool.)

You don’t have to know me very well to know that I LOVE theatre. Probably more than anything in the world.

Ever since I saw my first show (It was Oliver! I was eight. It was magical.) I have been smitten. After my first time performing (It was an anthology of Robert Munch stories. I played Clown #2. It was magical.) I discovered how much I loved being onstage. And then throughout the years, I’ve fallen in love with so many other aspects of the theatre from stage managing, to writing, to directing, to producing, to teaching.

At every stage of my life thus far, the theatre has been my second home, and my time at Glendon has been no exception.

Last week I was leaving Théâtre Glendon after a rehearsal when I ran into my friend Martha. She joked about the fact that she will only run into me near TGT and I laughed over the fact that I basically live there.

With the mix of rehearsals for my performance classes, my work with CoeurdeLion Productions (theatre club on campus), my crew calls, and any other random projects I pick up (right now I am acting for some of the other drama studies students in for their Directing Class) I’m at Théâtre Glendon at least 4-6 days a week.

Especially now, as I move into tech week for my DRST 3640 show (Les Héros de nos enfances by Michel Tremblay – my first French play ever!) I might as well set up camp in the dressing room because I will be spending at least 74.5 hours in the theatre over the next two week!

Which is fine by me since I believe that Théâtre Glendon is the most magical spot on campus.

Théâtre Glendon might not seem like much when you first walk in. It is not a huge auditorium decked in red velvet and adorned with gold. We don’t have the equipment for crazy pyrotechnics and we can’t rig anyone from the ceiling (which basically means my dream of staging Robot Peter Pan: The Rock Musical have been crushed, but that’s okay.) Essentially all Théâtre Glendon is just a big black room with some platforms, a few curtains, and a lighting grid.

However I truly believe that it is the simplicity of Théâtre Glendon that makes it the perfect studio for learning.

The theatre’s flexible black box configuration means that there are absolute no limits for what it can become. Just this past week I’ve helped change the theatre from a proscenium or end stage configuration (audience facing the stage straight on) with a dance floor and raked seating (seats going up on an angle), to a raised thrust stage (audience on three sides) made to look like a giant pop-up book. (It looks amazing.)

The nature of the space (in combination to the amazing staff members that run it including Duncan Appleton – DRST 1200 prof) encourages students to take risks and try new things. While setting up for Les Héros (the pop-up book set) I helped hang and focus lights for the first time ever. Yeah that’s right, they let me, climb up a scaffold and hang heavy and expensive pieces of equipment to the ceiling, and no one died (but I would maybe avoid sitting directly under any of the lights near the right-hand side of the stage, just to be safe).

Théâtre Glendon has given me so many practical opportunities work in all aspects of the theatre. I am no longer just the actor, or just the stagehand, or just the director but rather a big mismatch of all these skills (hopefully) making me a better theatre practitioner overall.

I have learned more in that little black box than I have in any other classroom and I know it is were I will continue to grow over the next few years. Théâtre Glendon currently has my heart for my favorite spot on campus and places a huge role as to why I’m at Glendon in the first place, but that’s a story for another time (ending on a cliffhanger therefore you must come back next week!)

À la prochaine


Twitter: @RebeccaKGL

Instagram: @RebeccaKazdan

Veuillez noter: Théâtre Glendon is open to everyone, not just Drama Studies students. Whether you want to perform, help out backstage, or just watch a show for cheap (TGT holds productions in English, French, and Spanish) Théâtre Glendon has something to offer for you! If you have any questions PLEASE tweet me (@RebeccaKGL) as I could go on about this stuff forever.


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