I’m Bringing Blogging Back

Guess who’s back?

Back again?

Rebecca’s back!

Tell a friend…


No really, please tell a friend, tell ALL your friends, my stats are so low right now it’s embarrassing.

Well, bonjour mes amis, and long time no talk!

Like really long time.

It looks like I last posted…oh dear…February 8th…oops (Happy Valentine’s Day?)


Look, I could sit here and give you a long list of excuses of why I haven’t been posting, but you know what, you deserve better than that. The truth is I got busy… then I got lazy… then I got busy again. But hey, don’t give me that look. I missed you, I really did. So let’s catch up! Grab yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable cause I’ve got a lot to share with you!

One of the things I love most about University is that there are four sacred months of summer vacation. You see, unlike a typical two-month summer, which barely gives you enough time to slip on your flip-flops before Staples launches their next brilliant add campaign; a summer that starts mid-April, like mine did, gives you time for many a great adventure.

This year, I decided to kick off my four months of freedom with a new job that was completely and utterly petrifying.

I found Brightspark through a job fair hosted at the GLead conference I attended earlier in the year. There I met Laurel, my future boss and probably one of the coolest people to have ever existed, and I was immediately stoked when she started describing the Tour Leader position. Essentially I would get paid to travel the country with grade 7 & 8 students on their end-of-year trips. Umm… where do I sign up? The job included all my favourite things, traveling, teaching, and talking endlessly into a microphone. I was pumped!

After a grueling interview process, I finally got the job and I was ecstatic, and then… terrified. As I went through the training process, I began to think that this job might be a little harder than I had originally thought. I mean these schools had been planning these trips for a year and it was up to me to make sure it all went as planned. I remember one night on our training trip that I spent crying in a random Tim Hortons in Gatineau desperately trying to study the map of Ottawa (little known fact; I have the worse sense of direction ever, and I was in charge of leading minors through an unknown city… yeah who the hell hired me?) In that moment, I seriously thought about quitting because I believed there was no way I could do this.


But then I did do it…and I did it well…and… it was fun!


Over the next two months, I was jetsetting (well more like, bus-setting) to Montreal, Ottawa, and my fav, Quebec City, eating in great restaurants, staying in nice hotels, visiting museums, and playing wickedly competitive games of Karaoke Battle Royal. The kids were amazing and funny (and kind of made me want to teach intermediate but that’s a story for a different time). They taught me how to use a fidget spinner and I made them watch High School Musical at least once every trip. On the last day, I thankfully received raved reviews such as “This trip was kinda overrated, but you were the best part,” and “Your jokes were really corny but I laughed so you wouldn’t feel bad.” It was taxing, and nerve-racking, … and wonderful.

When I wasn’t on a Brightspark trip, I had the amazing opportunity of working as a “Tutor in the Classroom” for a local French Immersion elementary school (couldn’t take any pictures here for obvious reasons). Every day, I went into seven different primary classrooms and worked with different students on their reading, writing, and math skills. If you want a crash course on teaching styles, I highly recommend applying for this program, because you get to see teachers with various different backgrounds, levels of experience, and teaching philosophies all teach relatively the same things in completely different ways. It was fascinating! I took away so much from this experience and loved playing Mme Kazdan, even if it was only for a couple days a week.

While all this was happening, I was spending my weekends planning and getting ready for arguably my favourite eight weeks of the year; I am a camp person through and through. There is nothing I love more than coming to work dress as princess to do the cha cha slide. (I mean who else can say that?) I was the Unit (or Section) Head for the youngest cabins at camp (ie. the 3-7 year olds) so I spent my days acting like a kindergartener while trying to convince my 16 year-old staff members that I was cool (it didn’t work) and loved every minute of it. (I also now have a great tan so that’s a bonus.)


Some other things I did this summer, in no particular order included:

  • Going on a girls trip to Stratford with my friends 
  • Staying in a trailer for the first time (questionable experience but great people so that’s all that mattered)
  • Celebrating my baby brother’s 17th Birthday (dear god he is old)
  • Going to Vegas with my family (and not drinking or gambling because I’m only 19)
  • Seeing the Gerogia O’Keefe exhibit at the AGO and falling in love (her artwork is now my phone wallpaper!)
  • Buying really cool flats.
  • Gaining 5 pounds.
  • Getting my blood drawn for the first time (fun!)
  • Learning that I have a vitamin B12 deficiency (see above)
  • Watching Wonder Woman (I was underwhelmed, am I a bad feminist?)  
  • Learning all the words to the Moana soundtrack.
  • Going to Jack Astors an absured amount of times.
  • Reading for fun (seriously!)
  • and so much more…

These past four months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, wins and losses. I have been handed learning experience after learning experience after learning experience, and although it’s cheesy, I do feel like a better person because of it. I am well aware that these four months of freedom will soon become a thing of the past. I won’t have the same flexibility to switch up all my routines at once and jump straight into the deep-end of uncertainty so I am truly grateful for every experience I get to have right now.

That being said, my loyal blog readers, I have missed you dearly, and I’m pretty sure I hear a quaint little manor a Lawernce and Bayview calling my name. Summer has been magical but I think I’m ready to crack open my textbooks and slip back into the good ol’ scholarly rountine. (I’m also totally down for sweater weather)

I have a feeling that 3rd year is gonna be wild one, but I’m hoping you come along for the ride.

À la prochaine,


P.S Yes I know a four-month summer does not explain the fact that I haven’t posted since February. But shhhh… I will try harder this year

Instagram: @RebeccaKazdan

Twitter: @RebeccaKGL


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