Merci Glendon: A Belated #ThanksGLiving Story

If you have been following the eAmbassdors for a while you may know that have a hashtag blogging challenge every month. This month we are putting an emphasis on gratitude with #ThanksGLiving. Be sure to check out Jasmin, Amanda, Ana, and other’s posts by using the hashtag.

P.S If you want to hear more about my thoughts on gratitude check out last year’s post here 

Ahh October, the February of the school year.

Gone are my naive hopes that maybe this will be the year where I get it together and do my reading ahead of time instead of frantically skimming articles in the Timmies line before class (guilty). With mid-terms right around the corner many students (including myself) are starting to get the university blues.

Maybe you got your first assignment back and it wasn’t the A+ you were hoping for. Or maybe you have fallen back into your stress eating habits and are finding really hard to make time for the gym. Or maybe you are starting to feel like you’ve taken on too much and sooner or later everyone is gonna find out what a total fraud you are. (Or maybe a combo of all three.)

Whatever has pushed you off your September motivation train, it is easy to fall subject to the ever so scary October Slump. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve found it to be quite a bit harder to get up for my 9am classes this past week or focus on getting all my work done instead of binge watching Grace and Frankie (my newest Nexflix addiction, it’s super funny, highly recommend). And while it is easy to allow my hours scrolling through painfully relatable student life memes comfort me in my negativity, I’ve made a promise to myself that I simply can’t break.

Flashback to Labour Day as I sat in the sun without a care in the world (well I had a few cares because I’m a pretty anxious person, but less cares than currently). I decided that in that moment that I was going to create some goals, pillars perhaps, to guide me through third year. A couple things to focus on when the Universe seems hell-bent on throwing me curve balls. Now I won’t share the whole list with you now (because that could ruin a future blog post, I need the content peeps); however the first thing I choose to focus on was my attitude towards school. I know that getting an education is a total privilege so I am reminding myself NOT to take it for granted.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to put my typical scholarly whining aside and remind myself of all the wonderful things school (and more specifically Glendon) has offered me.

Merci Glendon…

For allowing me to continue my French education which not only fulfills me intellectually, but also financially (because no joke, every job I have taken since starting  University has been because I am bilingual).

For providing me small class sizes that foster real conversation (because heaven knows I love to talk). This environment works really well with my learning style allowing my G.P.A. fly real high.

For being in an area littered with the cutest coffee shops that are perfect for studying and instagramming.

For pushing my education beyond the classroom and into the city I love. (I’ve seen three plays in the past four weeks for my DRST courses, and I got to tell you, a trip to an indie theatre on Queen West beats reading any day.)

For my single dorm room, which for the past three years has been my home away from home, allowing me peace and quiet and a super quick commute.

For offering me leadership opportunities through organizations like Peace by PEACE and Lionheart Productions.

For interesting people from all walks of life (who each teach me something new in one way or another.)

For challenging me. Always.

I could go on but that is about as much snappiness as I can take for one day.
(Psst… But if you want to chat in person about all the things to love about little ol’ GL be sure to visit us on Nov 5. for Fall Campus Day.)

In life, there will always be something to complain about, an unfair grade, a mean customer, an unrequited love, and I’m not here to tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t be upset about it. In fact I think there is something healthy about a good ol’ fashion rant session (as long as you keep off the socials) to clear out the system. With that being said, it is important to recognize the bad and the good to remind yourself that things are not always as bad as they seem. At the end of the day, I know that there are a lot more good things about being in school than bad, so I’m gonna suck it up and spread that gratitude out to the world!

À la prochaine, 


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