My Exam Period Essentials: A Truthful Account

Okay so here is the thing;

I like to think that my posts are typically useful and uplifting but also humorous and at the same time educational and heartwarming, and honestly I might be the voice of our generation (okay maybe that’s pushing it).

But in all honesty, I pride myself on the fact that usually I write relatively insightful blog posts (despite the fact that there is almost always a typo… I promise I get people to edit, I’m just not nearly as detail oriented as I pretend to be).

This however… is not one of those posts…

You see, it is currently exam period which means my brain is working in overdrive trying to remember when Molière wrote his first comédie ballet while also arguing intercultural theatre theory for contemporary performance in Toronto. Needless to say I’m a little burnt out and can’t provide that same @RebeccaKGL spunk.  

That being said I did want to take advantage of this raw pre-exam anxiety and stress to share with you my true and authentic list of exam essentials:


  1. Multicoloured pens and highlighters (‘cause I’m so Type A it hurts)
  2. Four pages of beautifully written notes (important for the classic “studying” Insta aesthetic)
  3. Another 15-25 pages of incoherent chicken scratch  
  4. An XXL Earl Grey tea (because I need caffeine but my pallet is not refined enough to drink coffee)   
  5. Silence (people who have the ability to read/write and listen to music at the same time amaze me)
  6. A Grade Calculator (this thing lets me know how stressed I actually have to be walking into that exam room)
  7. WordReference and Linguee (a French Studies student’s best friends)
  8. Tissues (to wipe the tears)
  9. A random burst on energy around midnight
  10. The sudden inability to stay awake after 12:45 (yeah no all nighters for me)
  11. A promise that I will get up early and study
  12. Three alarms to press snooze through
  13. Various Buzzfeed quizzes to take during my “study breaks” (in case you were wondering I’m a waffle cut fry and should go to Olive Garden for dinner, also I can spend over $1000 at Sephora)
  14. Relatable Uni student memes to remind me that I’m not alone in these hard times
  15. Something to look forward to once this whole thing is over (this year it’s tickets to see Grease Live) 


And there you have it, my BS-free list of exams essentials. It is definitely not pretty but hey it’s the reality. Every year I dread these couple weeks, and every year they kinda suck, there’s no real way around it. I wish I had a more insightful take away for you all but as my mom always says “sometimes all you can do is just keep plugging along.” So that’s what I’m gonna do, since I know soon enough I be stuffing my face with cookies while watching The Grinch and this whole exam thing will be a distant memory.

But until then, I got to get back to studying…

À la prochaine,


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