Filling Upwards To Spread Outwards: #OneWord365

Okay, lets address the elephant in the room. I have not posted in over a month and honestly I’m very sorry. Just know that I haven’t forgot about you all and I am super looking forward to getting back on top of my content game.

That being said, today is the last day of January which means it is still appropriate to write a #OneWord365 post. If you don’t know what that means you can check out what I wrote last year for all the details (…or I guess you could just Google it but then I don’t get the views), but the basic idea in a nutshell is at the start of each year you pick one word to set as your overall intention.

Last year was my first time participating in the OneWord365 challenge, and despite being somewhat hesitant at the beginning (again you should read last year’s post, I promise it’s better than this one) I am now HUGE fan of the concept.

As someone who LOVES New Years resolutions (goal setting is one of my favourite hobbies) OneWord365 has allowed me to accomplish way more than any laundry list of specific goals ever has, since it ensure that when sh*t hits the fan (as it inevitably will) I have a clear intention to fall back on and check-in with every single time.

Last year my word was Engage (another plug, I will make you read that post or I will die trying) and I have to admit this was a really great intention to lead me through the year. I really threw myself into gear in 2017 by applying for jobs that scared me, taking on new leadership roles, and trying out new exercise classes (I do weightlifting now, who would have guessed).

So coming into 2018, I knew I wanted a word that had that same call to action (I love a good verb), but allowed a little more room for celebration. Last year I was really focused on getting stuff done, but this year I want to focus on enjoying what I’m doing while I’m doing it and allowing the positivity to drive me.

So I know what you are thinking “Rebecca, we are 400 words into this blog post and you still haven’t told us what your word is, can you hurry up and get to the point so I can get back to binge watching Grace and Frankie?” Alright, alright… I hear you, just give me another paragraph or two and we will get there.

Just so you know I have re-written this post three times because I was trying to tell a beautiful heartwarming story of how I came to pick this word but to be honest, its not all that interesting.

Essentially all I did was an embarrassing number of self-reflection worksheets that asked questions like “When were you happiest this year?” or “ What made you smile the most?” or “If you were an ice-cream flavour what would you be?” (okay that may have been a BuzzFeed quiz, but either way I’m Mint Chocolate Chip).

After several hours of soul searching, I got NOTHING. So then I started Googling “cool and interesting verbs” and after scrolling through various what seemed to be grade 8 classroom websites, I stumbled upon the word RADIATE.


And it stuck.


I like the word Radiate for the following reasons:

  1. The definition (that I concocted from various other definitions) is: to emit light or to emanate clearly from. To me, radiate suggests an air of elegance and ease that I have been craving over the past year.
  2. It encourages joy without guilt, something that I struggle with constantly.
  3. It starts and ends with me. I cannot radiate my light to others if I haven’t filled myself up first. I’m talking that legit, beneficial, sometimes difficult self-love stuff that goes beyond just aesthetically pleasing lattes (though I still plan to indulge in many an aesthetically pleasing latte). Nothing can radiate on empty (I’m actually not sure if this is true because I dropped science in grade 10 but it works in the context of this post).
  4. It’s empowering. To radiate suggests that I have control over the light in my life. No more playing the victim, I decide how I’m telling my story.


Now obviously I am not naïve enough to think that I am gonna feel like a Radiating Star every single day for the next 365 days. That being said I have come up with a small list of things I can do in order to set myself up to tackle each day with a little more radiance:

  1. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule

I failed at this miserably in January but hey I’m still trying. I have come to the realization that I work best when I wake up around 7am and am in bed by around 11pm. I know this does not sound like the schedule of your typical University student (which is what makes this so flipping hard), but by forcing myself to get up a little bit earlier, I start my day off on a more productive foot thus making me feel way better throughout the day

  1. Use my mornings effectively.

Still kind of related to my last point, but I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I am a full-fledged morning person, as long as I can force myself out of bed. On days where I make the most of my mornings (i.e. going for a walk, planning my schedule for the day, meditating, taking time for myself) I feel a million times better and therefore I am way more pleasant to be around.

  1. Be annoyingly artsy. Often. And with others.

I’ve mentioned this before but I really pride myself in being “Artsy”. I’m not even 100% sure what that means (I’m pretty sure it’s just a word I use to describe myself because I’m not cool enough be called a Hipster), but I know I feel the most myself when I am spending my free time either creating (i.e. writing, acting, directing, building, filming, making overly complicated spreads in my bullet journal) or intaking valuable content. Obviously “valuable” differs from person to person (I really value Grace and Frankie) but some of my favorite activities involve watching plays, going to the art gallery, or seeing a stand up comedy show. I would love to do more of this (and with friends so hit me up!)

  1. Make healthier choices.

This is obvious and something that I will continue to work on throughout the rest of my life. I have days where I stick to a healthier routine (which of course is subjective) and then I have days where I eat exclusively carbs and cheese for every meal. It is no surprise that I feel more radiant on the days when I do the former and rather than the latter. (Also I think the gym is great…sometimes)

  1. Keep my space clean.

My room was a total mess this past month because I was constantly running around doing things, but as soon as a took a minute to breath I realized how much my surroundings were affecting my mood. Since I don’t have time to do a deep clean everyday I’ve made a schedule so I have one little task to do each day, which tends to make cleaning a little more manageable.


2018 has started off with a bang, but now moving into February I hope to really settle myself into some core routines that will fill me up and help me radiate out! Let me know if you picked a #OneWord365 word this year!

À la prochaine!


P.S. I have a surprise treat coming out next week, so keep your eyes peeled. Ya girl is back! 

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